using performance monitor windows 8

When the performance monitor has completed its process, head towards Reports - System - System Diagnostics and select the appropriate report.
You can reconfigure or copy it as a template.Generating system health reports, to generate system health report, open Performance monitor and go to Data Collector Sets - System - Right click System Diagnostics and select start.In this task, you will add performance counters to the Performance Monitor display, observe them in real time, and learn how to pause the Performance Monitor display to examine current system status.The Root Directory will contain data principles of macroeconomics past papers collected by the Data Collector Set.Scenario 5: View a diagnosis report Overview: View a diagnosis report Windows Performance Monitor includes default system reports for assessing system health and diagnosing system performance issues.You can also start a Data Collector Set when the alert criteria are met.
Data Collector Sets run as the System user by default.
Click the Performance Monitor View button in the toolbar.

All of the display options included in real-time monitoring with Performance Monitor are available for log viewing.If a Data Collector Set proves to be useful for future performance monitoring, you do not need to recreate.Scenario 3: Create and schedule logs from a Data Collector Set Overview: Create and schedule logs from a Data Collector Set Once you have chosen data collectors that provide you with meaningful information about your system performance, you can store the data as logs for.While you could try the Control Panel, even there the Performance Monitor is hidden away at the bottom of the System section, scroll down to Performance Information and Tools.You can double-click the name of the log to add or remove data collectors from it or change the file name, name format, and whether the log overwrites or appends when the data collector is restarted.Click Add to create a start date, time, or day for data collection.To move through the data in collection time increments, click the Forward button on the toolbar.The Report display shows current values for each selected counter in text format.In this display, two minutes of data appear in a rolling format from left to right, labeled along the X axis.