visual studio 2008 keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

F5: I hope you know this one; build and run in debugger.
Here are posters (for free download; up to you to print them) with the default, c# and T key bindings.
To see intelligence dialog, ctrl-Y or Ctrl-Shift-Z, redo the previous undo action.GotoImplementation until you assign AltG to a different command, even if you assign an additional shortcut to VAssistX.Recommended: Click here to repair Windows problems optimize system performance.Visual Assist supports keyboard access to all of its features.Msdn for the later versions.

Microsoft Visual Studio team has released an updated Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut Posters. .Recommended Shortcuts, several shortcuts well known to long-time users of Visual Assist are no longer available for default assignment; Visual Studio has usurped the shortcuts.Example- Write for and now press Tab-Tab, then for loop syntax will be automatically completed.I am sharing some interesting and useful shortcut keys to work with Visual Studio.General Shortcut Keys, shortcut, description, ctrl-X or Shift-Delete or Ctrl-L, cuts entire line or Cuts the currently selected item to the clipboard.The super bowl 2014 time frame default shortcuts of Visual Assist remain active until you reassign the shortcuts to other commands.Commands Available for Assignment, the following commands are available for assignment.Ctrl-Del, delete next "word ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert, copies the currently selected item to the clipboard.Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7; Windows Server 2008; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Vista.If there is no selection, this inserts a tab stop Tab-Tab Complete the syntax of an item.
Commands are effective throughout the IDE or only when focus is in a text 3 windows media player verzija 10 editor.