vlc media player visualizations

Release: vlc.2.90 Another major update, with a new improved video decoder, a working Mac OS X port with Altivec optimized routines, http input support.
The code for dtsdec is still in early development stage, but it is already quite useable.
VLC.0.8 and.1.0-pre2 VideoLAN and the vlc media player subtitles VLC development team are mlp gameloft dancing mini game happy to present VLC.0.8, a security update to the "Twoflower" family, and VLC.1.0-pre2, the second pre-version of VLC.1.0.
Update: Binaries for Mac OS X are now available.Don't worry, we will spent the money very wisely, we promise.We are therefore proposing to the students eligible to that program to join.Download the new version of VLC for Mac OS X here.On top of that, this release introduces small fixes and improvements over VLC.1.2, for most platforms.See more info, on the dedicated page.Update : Following our request, Cinema On Web has removed the download from their web site.Changed web server We have moved the web site to our brand new IBM server.The chapter "Stream from an mpeg encoding card" of the VideoLAN howto has been updated, see the documentation page.Org, as very numerous scam websites have appeared lately.It is a bugfix release, fixing in particular a problem with MMI menus present.0.Release: vls.3.0 This is the first official release of the VideoLAN Server.As Windows 7 will be available today, the windows maintainers of VLC wanted to sync with this release.VLC.6.2 also features an improved mpeg TS muxer, proper PTS/DTS generation in the transcoding module, support for DVB-S/C/T cards using V4L2 API, DVD menus navigation in the wxWindows interface and fixes to the VCD navigation.It fixes VLC's behaviour on PowerPC-based Macs and includes updated libraries for all Mac OS X platforms.Release: libdvdcss.2.0 This release fixed a grave crash with some DVDs.
See the libdvdcss page to download the sources or the Debian packages.
VLC.2.2 VideoLAN and the VLC development team are happy to publish version.2.2 of VLC media player today This second stable release of the "WeatherWax" version of VLC fixes more than 100 important bugs and security issues reported on VLC.2.1.

More information can be found in our Security Advisory and in the Release Notes.It also gets rid of the runtime dependency on libdvbpsi thanks to biTStream.Note that you can also propose new ideas.Notables bugfixes are: fullscreen behaviour on Windows with multiple screens, workaround bug with libxml2.7.3, video performance on Intel-based Macs, various decoders updates on Windows.Small new features, notably GME and live.webm support and an integrated listing of web-shows directly in the playlist are making this release.There is no security issue involved and no other platform was affected.This is also a security update.See the press release here.Acceleration routines, still improved DVD support, and the usual insane amount of bug fixes.This update also includes reliability improvements in multiple modules.
VLC for Android.9.5 VideoLAN and the VLC development team are happy to present a new release for Android today.