walking dead season 4 episode 7

He looks away and notices Hershel ( Scott Wilson ) and a smiling Michonne ( Danai Gurira ) burning walker corpses.
Meghan Chambler (Meyrick Murphy) from a pit of walkers.Martinez then tells Philip that they can join his group on two conditions; he's in charge and there can't be any dead weight.Philip then organizes the survivors to netgear extender setup wizard form a rough perimeter around the camp and asks Tara to organize and catalog all their ammo.Next week on the mid-season finale The Governor: They got walls, fences, peace of mind, nothing between us and them, if were willing to take it from them.Philip is seen marking a map when Lilly comes.This indicates they were staged behind a mini-van and were instructed when to run towards Meghan and the camera captured this.Philip then drags Martinez over to one of the pits and is lowered towards the walkers, muttering "I don't want." repeatedly.Had he turned around to the Governor on that day where he was playing golf and said, There is no way this camp is not going to be safe.Lilly audrey Marie Anderson ) and, tara alanna outlook 2013 signature html Masterson The Governor joins the camp of Martinez, who is surprised by The Governor's decision to adopt a new identity.Mitch wants to raid the camp and take their supplies, while Pete opts to find supplies elsewhere.Retrieved November 26, 2013.Pete wonders what drove a person to do something like this, but Philip says that it's "probably best they don't dwell." Mitch then asks what Philip did for a living and what he did when the apocalypse first began; the latter dodges the.Video(s) Promo(s) The Walking Dead 4x07 Promo "Dead Weight" (HD) AMC Promo.The Governor: Things are about to go very wrong here.Viewers.29 million, starring, andrew Lincoln as, rick Grimes norman Reedus as, daryl Dixon.
Afterwards, the four find supplies as well as some beer.

3 IGN 's Roth Cornet rated the episode.5 out of a possible 10; Cornet praised David Morrissey's performance as The Governor, the concept of failed redemption as a storyline, and the storytelling techniques; she was critical of the lack of subtlety, the reliance.Im going to do everything I can to make it safe, then the Governor is going to say, Great, Ill follow you.He then tells Mitch that he's now in charge and agrees that they should have taken the other group's supplies. Its probable the prison group will flee before the wrath of The Governor, because I cant imagine them acrobat 8.1 windows 7 rehashing the same plot of season three point for point.Two men, Mitch and Pete, ask Martinez if he knows him, to which he replies yes.He says that he's willing to share leadership responsibilities and offers to split them with Philip.While resting in the cabin, Martinez tells The Governor that he wouldn't have saved him if The Governor weren't with his family, which Martinez believes is an indication that The Governor has changed from his old cruel ways.
I do like that The Governor is starting a new Walker collection in the lake, but thats a helluva waste of good water.
The three later return to find the occupants of the camp murdered and the place raided.