windows 7 dark edition themes

Abisso 2014 for Windows.1 is about as dark as you can get.
A very special custom Windows 7 theme created for a contest by Mr Grim (t).Many dark themes provide a dark toolbar and white content panes, but Dark Agility goes all the way.Its all black aside from the text and interface elements, which are white and blue to stand out.This is a truly epic dark Windows 7 theme with a great look and feel.Headaches, burning eyes, itchiness and just being tired, are.Personalize, and select one of the High Contrast themes.WIN7tbar 3 6, numix Dark Theme For Windows.Dark Google Minimalist attempts to do the same thing, but only for Google.Select your favorite art style, requirements for Art Commission: Send all requirements to, send your preferred High-Quality pictures of minimum 1000 pixel.Opera Simple Dark for Opera will help the Speed Dial page match your operating system theme.Twiglets1888 2 0, blue Cobalt devillnside 6 12, red Cobalt version.1 devillnside 12 41, windows 95 tPenguinLTG.
This dark Windows 7 theme really rocks and is definitely one of the best.

Red Fusion Theme for Windows.Gizdom Reloaded Theme for Windows.Download Dark Odyssey Mirror Black Ops Theme A Windows 7 theme dedicated to the Call of Duty game Black Ops.Selected Third-Party Themes, since you can choose from so many different themes, here are a few samples.Theres a version for Windows 7, too.Prices and Payments for art commission: Special Offer for Christmas occasion (Valid until 31st Dec.However, Microsoft doesnt allow you to install third-party Windows themes without a hack.Get A Windows 7 Makeover With These Awesome Themes.UltraUXThemePatcher installer, run it, and reboot your computer to patch your system.
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