windows 8 starter guide

The details don't really matter.
Once you boot into Windows 8, you will first see a lock screen. .
You can select any one of these options pop the balloon dog game as your login method.Another great built-in Windows 8 feature is Storage Spaces, a tool that lets you combine all screen locker 2.02 keygen your sundry storage hardware into a single, virtual data poolwhich you can then allocate more efficiently, for data redundancy and general file management.But, hey, Microsoft didn't kill all the good things from previous versions of Windows.Once you are logged in, you will see the new Windows 8 Start Screen, which is the home page of your Windows.When you right-click here, you will see the option to shuaa digest october 2012 pdf Show and Peek Desktop.You can also change the notifications of certain applications as well as where to display them as shown below: To check for windows Updates go down to the sections that says Windows Updates and click on the button below and this will check if there.
You can also check out these additional useful videos which will help you get started: Well, this was just the basics in navigating your Windows 8 start screen and desktop.

Create a desktop shortcut.Microsoft's decision to omit the traditional Start Button is among a host of bizarre development decisions, but luckily three different third-party utilities.Now click on All apps to view and access all your installed apps quickly.In a touch device, the edges are important.Some Windows 8 problems have nothing to do with drivers.To see two Windows 8 apps next to each other, you can use the Snap feature that lets you.Go here to learn how to use Windows.1.
Screenshot by Ed Rhee/cnet, if you're new to Windows 8, there's finally a user guide available from Microsoft to help you learn the basics.
We have detailed primers on Music, Photos, Mail, Calendar, SkyDrive and People.