windows live id assistant

Ceip reports are sent to Microsoft to help improve the features our customers use most often, and to create solutions to common problems.
Top of Page OneDrive cloud storage What this feature does When you sign in with a Microsoft account on your device, you can choose to automatically save certain content and settings to Microsoft servers so youll have a backup if something happens to your device.
Top of Page Notifications, lock screen apps, and tile updates Windows Store apps can automatically receive content and display notifications in several ways.
These reports might include personal information, for example, if you add personal names using word registration.Depending on your device installation settings, when Windows pairs with wireless devices, Windows might send some information to Microsoft and install device software on your.Once your software is activated, a specific product key becomes associated with the PC (or the hardware) on which your software is installed.If you unpin an apps tile from Start, its tile updates wont display.Installation Improvement Program What this feature does This feature sends a single report to Microsoft containing basic information about your PC and how you installed Windows.

If you choose to save the TPM owner password to a file, the additional PC and user information saved inside this file helps you to identify the matching PC and TPM.We might use aggregate data about recovery keys to analyze trends and help improve our products and services.Windows Search also sends an identifier to provide personalized search results based on your interactions with Bing and other Microsoft products and services.Administrators on the PC can change us medals olympics 2014 settings and view the activity report.Choice and control, if you choose express settings while setting up Windows, Windows will allow apps to use your advertising.Microsoft doesn't use the information sent to identify or contact you.You may also choose to save content on Microsoft servers, and apps may choose to select Microsoft servers as the default save location for your files.Windows Defender takes little commander game for pc action on malware upon detection (as part of its automatic remediation).Please note that using this feature to monitor other users (such as adults) may violate applicable law.