world of tanks illegal mods

People say you can't do stuff like that because it's calculated server side but now PC is proof you can.
Hopefully not as it will be the last straw for me with Blitz.
Lets all stop cheating and remove ALL mods.
Because it is just not allowed!As for Blitz I can't say however I don't think it's impossible it could happen.We all know Bots are real so somehow you must be able to proarrhythmic effects of lidocaine hack and program a tank to do random stuff.I watched stuff on that Aimbot, it's causing some outrage on PC and rightly.I can't have a zoom out mod, because it may guive me an advantage.
It's easy to get confused since all 4 servers have different rules.
For example, transparent hit skins that show the exact locations of module are illegal.

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If i have a reload timer, it would guive me an advantage!Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right.3D hit skins that show module locations.There is no official topic about this matter, and its allways good to know!For example, the mods that ping the minimap v for vendetta iso when a destructible object is destroyed, like a fence or tree.Basically, WG can talk a lot of crap about how they want the game to be honest etc and players are cheating like crazy.