wow patch 4.0 6 chip

Prowl is no longer broken by enemies using Demoralizing Shout or Demoralizing Roar.
Evocation was returning less mana than the tooltip stated it should.
Darkwood Lurkers and Broodmothers in Tol Barad Peninsula can now be skinned.
Massive Seaforium Charges should now be useable in rated Battleground matches.In addition, Lay on Hands is no longer on the global cooldown.Left Eye of Rajh: Chance of triggering increased.Players can now individually remove raid world markers.Willey Hopebreaker no longer plays extraneous "I'm dying" sound variations simultaneously when a Scarlet Cannon is fired.Several item procs and set bonuses were not functioning as stated and have been photoshop portable cs3 rar password corrected.Strength of Soul now occurs when the priest casts Inner Focus on oneself, rather than Power Word: Shield.Spawn rates at Rustberg Village have been increased.
Weapon Chains now reduce disarm duration by 60, up from.

Ru winzip free download chip.Sunfire mana cost has been reduced from 18.Shatter damage is now reduced by armor, but has been increased.3 (repeating, of course) as a result.Its range has been increased to 40 yards, up from.Pulverize weapon damage percent has been reduced to 80, down from 100.Dungeon Raid Item Fixes Several dungeon items have been updated so that the appropriate classes can roll Need.Greater Healing Wave mana cost has been increased by 10; healing done has been increased.The damage dealt by Twilight Sentries on Heroic difficulty has been reduced.Nature's Bounty no longer affects Swiftmend, but now has a new effect.It now increases the critical strike chance of all non instant cast Destruction spells by 30, rather than increasing critical strike damage.The Golden King mount will now properly translate to the Annihilator mount if a player initiates a Paid Faction Change.
Feint correctly reduces Quake damage from Rom'ogg Bonecrusher (Blackrock Caverns).
Typhoon mana cost has been reduced.