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Unattributed, Motor Trend, January 1967 Now: The David versus Goliath aspect of this pairing is undeniably appealing, and had the GT500 in our April 1967 contest packed this race-bred 427 option instead of the milder 428, its slingshot stone might have felled the mighty Corvette.
Sure enough, he introduced the Shelby GT500, a car so hairy as to make others look crew cut by comparison.He was unimpressed with the two-speed Powerglide Corvette, which proved slower down the strip than both GT350s.The rear seat also became optional, and the raucous suspension and exhaust were tamed somewhat, although a Paxton supercharger option boosted power to around 380 hp (at 700, it found only 11 takers).The dual Holley carbs run rich and, with todays ethanol-rich fuel, they need frequent serviceespecially if you let them sit.Beware: Original paperwork documenting the cars history is essential, and fake paperwork is easy to get.
Thats how Steve Kelly introduced our April 1967 comparison pitting the newly refined big-block Shelby GT500 against the Corvette Sting Ray 427.
When you can buy all the parts, it becomes difficult to tell the originals.

By way of explaining why Shelbys original GT350 wasnt deemed a worthy Corvette competitor, he described it as a rough-riding, hard-steering Mustang fastback with Bunyanesque brake pedal and an engine which would outshout a John Deere tractor.Ford s own efforts to homologate the Mustang for scca B/Production racing failed, he commissioned the Shelby American shop to get the job done.Ours is the Store that offers all of the reliable brands in Motorcycle parts and accessories industry.(He did, however, build the notchback Mustangs Ford raced in Trans Am that year.).Output was rated at 355 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque.Car Life test results reinforce that assessment, recording.2 seconds to 60 mph and a 14-second 92-mph quarter-mile run.Our products are made from nothing less than the best materials, and our prices are great as well.The original owner bought the car and a racing 427 short block and heads like those used on nfs pro street pc games the Cobra, with the intention of making a true race-bred GT500 upon his return from Vietnam.The wood-rim steering wheel delights the fingertips as much as the Nardi wheel in any Italian GT, though I concur with Kellys plasticity comment regarding road feel.Track down and verify the chain of ownership, and consider having a museum authenticate the papers age if all else fails, before buying.Seeing that a little more differentiation and refinement had more than quadrupled sales, Shelby American figured that a heaping pile of it would really ring the registers.
Its also equipped almost exactly as our April 67 car was.