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Wait for the old man to give you an egg (check the day-care centre as much as you can) and wait for it to hatch.
If you are on the right track you should come bump into lots of trainers (cool trainers).
Battle the guard near Daycare Center At night, talk to the guard near the Daycare Center.
Dogs, cats, what are they?Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed only when traded while holding a crystal report viewer control for visual studio 2010 Kings Rock Item. Sent by Midnight_Maylin After you come back from.Green Apricorn gets you a Friend Ball.The only two pokemon that can use the coat is Scyther and Onix.Look in the grass and you may find a golden metapod.It's not particulary strong against any of the Pokemon you'll encounter in the first part of the game (in fact, it's extremely weak against most of the Gym Pokemon!
White Apricorn gets you a Fast Ball which is good for catching Pokemon that try to escape from battle quickly.
Located in a house on Route.

The item will either be on both monsters, or in your Backpack.Infinite Money GameShark Code: 019973D5, 019974D5, 019975D5 Zeros not the letter.This works on anything All our cheats and codes for Pokemon Crystal on GameBoy steinberg nuendo 6 serial number We have 1,404.Use at your own risk) Here is a glitch that allows you to keep leveling up a Pokemon by re-battling the same Gym Leader over and over again.Go to Cherrygrove City on the west side of town.Just cross Route 29 and reach the town from Cherrygrove.This makes it so that you dont need to look around for a female and male Pokemon to breed.You do not always find Shining Golbat in one place.When you get close to them, they will run away.Now trade it to a Blue/Red or Yellow Version.If you keep walking around, you should find a Suicune! .
When you turn the Game Boy back on, if the cheat worked correctly, your previous Starter Pokemon will already be in the Pokebox that you placed it in when you turned it off.
Here's the list: Kadabra - Alakazam, graveler - Golem, haunter - Gengar.